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We notice the extraordinary

Buried in the everyday

And re-socialise its meaning

So the world can be re-made

We do ethnographic research and reportage on life in the UK, publishing and producing monographs, zines, podcasts, films, sound and photography.

We work alongside communities and socially purposed organisations to surface the assumptions and structures hidden in plain sight and everyday life. The assumptions from which the world around us emerges and our lives are given meaning.

We have one process, and that is participatory, action-orientated, group enquiry. Our approach to this is highly visual and creative but grounded in applied social science.

We unify research, education, organisational development, community development and social action. For us, they are all indivisible from enquiry; do together, learn together, mobilise together, all at the same time.



Self/Other is a collaboration between anthropologist and writer Simon Newitt, ethnographic photographer Curtis James, and graphic designer Emily Macaulay.



Simon is an anthropologist, social scientist and writer. He has worked in a variety of frontline and leadership roles across mental health, education and social care systems; in community development and public health, as a CEO, academic and consultant in leadership and organisational development.

Simon’s doctorate was earned for a participatory action research project and ethnography undertaken with young men living in St Pauls, Bristol.



Curtis is an ethnographic photographer who has for many years run participatory research projects alongside individuals and communities across the UK for a variety of clients.

He recently concluded an auto-ethnography of East Brighton, where he grew up, working alongside four local residents to notice the ordinary and extraordinary in their everyday lives using words, pictures, sound and artefacts.



Emily is a graphic designer, bookbinder and printer. She is an advocate of user-led design and a skilled and experienced facilitator, supporting participants to design and create products.

Emily recently co-founded a map making project that aims to improve the physical and mental health of would-be hikers across the UK.



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